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  • Event Photography

    Stay present in the moment so you don't miss a thing while skilled photographers with professional lighting, camera, and backdrops provide full coverage of the action at your next event.

  • Full Base Suite

    Each Suite Package includes everything to get your production from pre-production through post production. The Base Suite Package is the perfect solution for most simpler productions and includes: Base Pre Package: - Staging Diagrams - Shot Listing - Scheduling Base Production Package: - 4K+ Cinema Camera Package - Portable Studio Lighting Package - Pro Wireless Audio Package - Gimbal/Stabilizer Package - Backdrop Package - B-Roll Package - 4 hours filming + 1 hour staging - Videographer & Production Assistant Base Post Package: - Video & Audio Assembly - Dynamic Transitions - Pro Color Grading - Music bed & Remix - Custom Animated Titling - Media Backup & Encryption - Full Media Account Access - Digital Delivery

  • Film Director (Remote) - 1/2 Day

    Power to the Creators delivers remote video production capabilities at your finger tips. Take advantage of hiring an award winning film director remotely for your production regardless of location while avoiding the endless hassles of expensive travel costs, lodging, itineraries, booking fees, logistics, and more... Not only will your remote director be able to work with cast and crew as if they were on set, but our next gen solutions afford you enhanced capabilities unavailable to traditional film productions. Check out our Remote Production Services to see how you can take your production to the next level with Power to the Creators' technologies by DrakeWise.

  • Glamour Photography

    When selfies, timers, and cell phones just don't cut it for the polished glitz and glam pictures you need, relax and enjoy a fun, safe, professional atmosphere with experienced professionals as they give you the Hollywood look.

  • Producer Consultation

    Take the guess work out of your next production by connecting with a dedicated, award winning producer. Your DrakeWise producer will walk you through every stage and element of production, answer your production questions, and connect you with the right resources to ensure everything matches your needs.

  • Production Scheduling

    Coordinate Cast and Crew logistics with ease as experienced DrakeWise Producers do the work for you. Organizing video production is hard enough, but getting everyone on the same page at the same time can feel like herding cats. That is why professional filmmakers and content creators hire us to ensure production runs smoothly and efficiently.

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