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  • Free Online Consultation

    We take a personal approach to get to know you, understand your needs, discuss details, offer feedback, and customize your production so you get exactly what you want.

  • Full Base Suite

    Each Suite Package includes everything to get your production from pre-production through post production. The Base Suite Package is the perfect solution for most simpler productions and includes: Base Pre Package: - Staging Diagrams - Shot Listing - Scheduling Base Production Package: - 4K+ Cinema Camera Package - Portable Studio Lighting Package - Pro Wireless Audio Package - Gimbal/Stabilizer Package - Backdrop Package - B-Roll Package - 4 hours filming + 1 hour staging - Videographer & Production Assistant Base Post Package: - Video & Audio Assembly - Dynamic Transitions - Pro Color Grading - Music bed & Remix - Custom Animated Titling - Media Backup & Encryption - Full Media Account Access - Digital Delivery

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